ADVISORY: Senators Sasse and Fischer Vote to take away Health Care

Washington D.C.- The Senate voted today to repeal the Affordable Care Act without any replacement leaving tens of millions of people without insurance. Senator Sasse and Fischer both voted in favor of the repeal. The repeal lost 45-55 with 7 Republican Senators joining all Democrats in voting against the measure. The fact that the Nebraskan Senators voted for the repeal was against the wishes of all Nebraskans. They need to answer to everyone that relies on the coverage that they have been given from the ACA. Them voting for the repeal was irresponsible and a betrayal of the trust they were given when elected.


“Neither Senator Ben Sasse or Senator Deb Fischer showed backbone or grit in the face of Trump. Voting for repeal of healthcare is a disgrace. Thankfully a handful of Republicans joined all the Democrats to save our health care. Thank you to all the citizens who keep showing up to have our voices heard loud and clear. We need to work towards real solutions like Medicare for all.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

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