Bacon Votes for Cruel Farm Bill that Hurts Farmers, Children and Disabled

Further cementing his profile as a self-serving politician, Representative Don Bacon voted today for the 2018 Farm Bill in the House Agriculture Committee. Make no mistake—the 2018 Farm Bill is a cruel and reckless bill that puts New York farmers and the entire region’s economy at risk.

In an agricultural region where farmers are already struggling to survive, the 2018 Farm Bill will only exacerbate their problems. The twisted bill cuts crucial programs that support local food systems, fails to address the 52% decline in farm income, and fails to help farmers export their products—all at a time when the White House is pursuing a reckless trade war that will hurt the agricultural industry.

The bill also kicks more than a million off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a program that “offers nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and provides economic benefits to communities.” Nearly two-thirds of SNAP recipients are children, elderly or disabled.

Although SNAP already contains strict work requirements, and over 80% of SNAP households are employed in the year before or after receiving SNAP, the 2018 Farm Bill imposes even tougher requirements and creates a massive new bureaucracy to implement and enforce them. And where did Bacon find the funding for this new bureaucracy? From the most vulnerable among us, who will lose their critical SNAP benefits.

“By voting for this cruel and reckless legislation, Congressman Bacon has once again put his party ahead of his constituents,” said DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske. “Make no mistake—this bill helps no one in Bacon’s community, and actively hurts farmers, children, and the disabled. While Bacon is hobnobbing in Washington with his wealthy donors and special interests, real people will be hurting. And they’ll know Bacon is to blame.”


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