Chair Kleeb’s Statement on the White House Working to Create False Story about Seth Rich

Lincoln- Below is the statement from Chair Kleeb and DNC Communications Director over the allegations that the White House used this tragedy as a form of cover for themselves.

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Kleeb:

“Seth Rich was a Nebraskan loved by anyone that he worked with on Democratic campaigns or within the Jewish community.” Chair Kleeb continued, “the White House must answer these serious allegations about spreading conspiracy theories. Americans are wondering when Trump will govern instead of running a reality show from the Oval Office.”

DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa:

“If these allegations are true, it is beyond vile that the White House – and possibly even Trump himself – would use the murder of a young man to distract the public’s attention from their chaotic administration and Trump’s ties to Russia. The Rich family has begged those responsible for these conspiracies to stop. And yet, Trump’s allies have ignored their pain and their pleas, degrading the office of the president by spreading repulsive lies.

“This should outrage any decent human being. There is no excuse for the suffering that Trump’s associates and their conspirators at FOX have caused the Rich family and those closest to him. Both parties should denounce these sick and twisted tactics.”

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