Mello Voters Rock Omaha; Strong Primary Results Show Democratic Base Energized

“Over half of Omahans cast ballots for change in the Mayor’s office. All the broken promises Stothert made on the restaurant tax and roads are catching up to her,” stated Chair Jane Kleeb.  “Stothert’s bullying attitude is reminiscent of Trump – whom she endorsed even after his many attacks on women, veterans, and people with disabilities. Heath Mello brings new vision and ideas for clean energy jobs to keep young people in our state and keep Omaha growing strong. Democratic and Independent voters shook up the entire state of politics in Omaha tonight. We have something to prove–we march and we vote for change.”

“Voters in Lincoln are sending three Democrats to go up against three Republicans for the critical at-large City Council elections. Lincoln continues to trend progressive with voters making the clear link between issues they care about from public education, to White Clay, to clean energy and electing Democrats who act on their values.”

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Omaha Results (General Election May 9)

Heath Mello came within 2 points of GOP incumbent Jean Stothert. All expectations were Heath would be 10 points behind and that would still be a winnable race–and yet Mello voters proved every pundit wrong. Democrats are energized and ready to prove local elections matter for building the party.

For City Council, the following Democrats head into the General Election with the top votes:

Pete Festersen, District 1
Ben Gray, District 2
Chris Jerram, District 3
Jim Rogers and Vinny Palermo, District 4
Brian Thommes, District 7

Lincoln Results (General Election May 7)

For City Council, the Democrats in the top six for the May 2 General Election include:

Leirion Gaylor Baird
Bennie Shobe
Maggie Mae Squires

Lincoln Authority Board:

Zachary James

Democratic School Board Members are unopposed as they head into the General Election:

Barbara Baier
Kathy Danek
Don Mayhew

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