Desperate Deb Fischer Goes on the Attack Spreads Lies about the Raybould Campaign, Showcases the Worst of Politics, in Hours after a National Tragedy

Just hours after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Fischer sent a fundraising email attacking Jane Raybould by name, using false information to attempt to smear her opponent.

“It’s clear that Senator Fischer lacks a grassroots base here in Nebraska and is resorting to the worst of politics, lying about your opponent, to try to distract from the fact that Senator Fischer’s funding is coming from out-of-state, special interest groups.” – Chair Jane Kleeb

All of this happened early this morning, while more information was still developing about the school shooting and its victims. Rather than concern for the grieving families, Fischer was focused on raising money for her re-election campaign.

Special interest groups in Washington, such as the NRA, have attempted to bolster their friend Senator Fischer. Today’s actions, her silence on how our leaders can step up and prevent more tragedies from occurring, is another example of how Fischer goes along with her campaign funders. Fischer was supported ($8,359 in outside support and $4,950 in direct contributions in the 2012 election) and endorsed in her re-election, now she is silent about stopping these tragedies. Nebraska needs new leaders in the Senate.


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