Press Release: NDP Delegates Overwhelmingly Approve Returning to a Presidential Primary in 2020

ORD, Neb. — Members of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s State Central Committee (SCC) on Saturday overwhelmingly approved returning to a Presidential Primary for the 2020 Election.

The NDP conducted a Presidential Caucus in 2008, 2012 and 2016. NDP Delegates and Officers acknowledge the benefits of caucuses to build the local party infrastructure and allow same-day voter registration. However, the benefits of allowing Independents to choose a Democratic primary ballot and assist the down-ballot candidates with more voters ultimately swayed the body to choose a primary for the 2020 Presidential nomination process.

The change was approved on a voice vote following some 90 minutes of debate. The session was attended by approximately 120.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party continues to reform and build across our state. Our goal is to ensure all Democrats and Independents can participate in our Presidential primary while also voting for critical down ballot candidates,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “We can end the current one-party control of our state by increasing participation in democracy and welcoming all shades of blue in order to grow the good life for all Nebraskans.”

In an online survey done before the meeting on the NDP website, nearly 81 percent of respondents (1,244) favored moving to a Presidential Primary.



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