Nebraska Democratic Party Announces DNC Endorsements

The Nebraska Democratic Party elected officers, which includes four voting DNC members, are proud to announce the endorsements for all DNC offices. The election for the DNC officers takes place in Atlanta on Feb. 25, 2017. We listened to Nebraska Democrats, grassroots individuals and all of the candidates at the forums to make our decisions.

Our state party wants to see real change happening at the DNC with items such as:

Unity Commission moving forward to review and reform Super-delegate and primary process of which Chair Jane Kleeb is a member appointed by Sen. Sanders;

State Partnership Program be strengthened specifically with increased financial assistance and training programs at the state level to assist with candidate recruitment;

Staff inside the DNC building have state party experience not just national political experience;

Clear focus on working class families of all racial backgrounds and rural communities; and

An end to the consulting class running state party operations.

Nebraska Endorsements

Chair, Keith Ellison, MN

ASDC President, Ray Buckley, NH

Secretary, Jason Rae, WI

Treasurer, Joyce Amico, CO

Finance Chair, Henry Munoz III, TX

Vice Chair, Latoia Jones, IL/DC

Vice Chair, Maria Elena Durazo, CA

Vice Chair, Adam Parkhomenko, VA

Vice Chair of Elections, Chris Reeves, KS


“We win elections with voters and the voters are in the streets demanding change. Democrats want to see more resources and respect for the grassroots and for our state parties. We want to see an end to the national consulting class running our party. We stand with grassroots Democrats across our state with our endorsements.” -Jane Kleeb, Chair

“The Democratic National Committee and indeed the Nebraska Democratic Party needs the gift of wisdom and the strength of resolve right now as our leaders gather in Atlanta at this most important moment in Party history. When we do I will voice my support unequivocally for Keith Ellison to be our next leader.  I do so as a Nebraskan, a Winnebago Indian, and a grandfather who has come to know that when we act it must be in consideration of the generations to come and not for the instant gratification that sadly has become the hallmark of the Republican Party and Donald Trump.  Keith Ellison understands this! He stood with us in Omaha. I will with him in Atlanta.” -Frank LaMere, Associate Chair

“I endorse Keith Ellison because of his commitment to development of the grassroots in the Democratic Party. As he has shown through his very successful work in his home district in Minnesota, Keith understands well the importance of reaching out to all potential voters and engaging on the important issues. It is that engagement that will lead to growth of the Democratic Party, especially in “red” states like Nebraska. I am convinced that Keith Ellison will work effectively to make the Nebraska Democratic Party and the National Party the party of the farmers and workers: the true representative of the 99%.” -Tom Tilden, Second Associate Chair

Nebraska Democratic Party Officers

Jane Kleeb, Chair, DNC voting member /

Frank LaMere, Associate Chair, DNC voting member /

Patty Zieg, DNC Committeewoman, DNC voting member /

Ron Kaminski, DNC Committeeman, DNC voting member /

Tom Tilden, Second Associate Chair, not a DNC voting member /

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