Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, 1st Associate Chair, and Secretary of State Candidate Statements on Non-Partisans Voting in Democratic Primaries

The Nebraska Democratic Party has delivered the necessary letter to the Secretary of State’s office to allow independents to vote in Democratic Primaries. Below are statements made at the press conference held after.

“The Democratic Party welcomes Independents to vote in our primaries in order to form a winning coalition ending the current one-Party rule in our state. We understand, as a Party, we must get back to the basics of talking with voters in rural towns and urban cities. Working together, Democratic and Independent voters can grow the good life for all Nebraskans, not just the few at the top.” – Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb

“I became politically involved and I became a Democrat because they gave me a voice and allowed me to be counted!  All of us wish to live, to grow, and to flourish.  To do that we must be heard!  

The Nebraska Democratic Party, the Party of inclusion, took a big step today to send a message to every Nebraskan, that everyone is important, that there is no one among us who is unimportant!  I applaud Chairwoman Kleeb and the Democratic Party for taking the long view of what we can become and for strengthening our democracy!” – Nebraska Democratic Party, 1st Associate Chair Frank LaMere

“If you truly want to protect the integrity and security of our voting system, we must modernize voter registration to improve voter roles and create sustainable measures to ensure the viability and reliability of our voting machines. We should not make laws out of fear but out of fact. We should not have to choose between election integrity and election access.”- Secretary of State Candidate, Spencer Danner

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