Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb Calls Out Sen. Deb Fischer For Playing “Hide-the-Ball” With Her Tax Returns

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb said Friday that Republican U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer needs to come clean with voters on how she’s amassed millions of dollars in personal wealth since taking office.

Kleeb joined Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Jane Raybould in calling on Fischer to make public her tax returns so Nebraska voters can see how her personal net worth mushroomed from $300,000 when she took office to more than $4 million last year.

“She was asked about this at her Nebraska State Fair debate with Jane Raybould and brushed it aside. She’s been asked about it by reporters and is dismissive,” Kleeb said. “Does she think she’s so important now that she doesn’t have to be honest with Nebraskans? It sure appears that way.”

Lingering questions about Fischer’s refusal to fully explain her newfound wealth resulted in an Omaha World-Herald story:

“Raybould said Wednesday that Fischer’s explanations of her personal finances aren’t good enough. She called on Fischer to release her income taxes from 2012 on. If Fischer does, she said, she would release her tax returns as well,” the World-Herald reported. “Fischer’s campaign has thus far declined to release her tax returns.”

“Nebraska voters need and deserve to have Deb Fischer be transparent, open and honest,” Kleeb said “She needs to quit playing “Hide-the-Ball.”

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