Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Kleeb’s Statement on American Bar Associations evaluation of Steve Grasz

Below is the statement released from Chair Kleeb.

“Sen. Fischer first tells us she has ‘no concerns with Pres. Trump’ and now she tells Nebraskans that Steve Grasz should be appointed as a judge even though the most respected body of lawyers in our country said he is unqualified and too biased to serve in this critical role. The American Bar Association is a nonpartisan organization and they unanimously agreed that that Steve Grasz could not be impartial. When our state has one-party rule, we lack checks and balances. The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with the American Bar Association in their assessment that Steve Grasz should not be confirmed by Congress for 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Pres. Trump and Sen. Fischer should get back to work on the fundamental value that Nebraskans expect of our elected officials—fairness.”

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