Press release: Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Responds to Swearing-In of Governor-elect Jim Pillen

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Responds to Swearing-In of Governor-elect Jim Pillen

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb responds to Governor-elect Jim Pillen officially being sworn into office. 

“New name, same game. Jim Pillen will continue the legacy of the backdoor dealings of anti-choice billionaire Pete Ricketts. Pillen hid from voters during his campaign refusing to host debates and now he’s claiming to be a governor for the people while consistently supporting extreme policies. Hard-working Nebraskans know that Ricketts purchased Pillen’s seat, and to reciprocate, Pillen is handing Ricketts’ a US Senate seat to return the favor.”


Reproductive Freedom

Jim Pillen opposes women’s reproductive freedom, saying in an interview just weeks ago, “we are gonna stop the murder of as many babies growing in mothers’ wombs as possible in Nebraska.” He is just another backward Republican who uses shamefully inflammatory rhetoric to attack Nebraskans’ rights to make choices about their own bodies


Between pushing for prayer in schools and a proposal to change Nebraska’s school funding formula that could cost some districts $270 million, Pillen is absolutely pushing our schools in the wrong direction. 


Pillen’s successful gubernatorial campaign was bankrolled by former Gov. Pete Ricketts, who is hoping, in return, Pillen will appoint him to replace Ben Sasse in the U.S. Senate. Working Nebraskans lose real representation when corrupt back-room deals win.

Pillen also ended the new year bragging about using his phone to get around open meetings and FOIA laws, kicking off his tenure by embracing the anti-democratic sentiment that has come to define the Nebraska GOP. 


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