Nebraska Democratic Party files formal complaint against Rep. Bacon

The Nebraska Democratic Party sent a formal complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics regarding Rep. Bacon’s misuse of his official Congressional Twitter account. Rep. Bacon can not use his official Congressional Twitter account to participate in political activity and he is also prohibited from assisting his campaign with the use of that Twitter account. An Official Twitter Account is paid for using the Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA)—federal taxpayer funds that are prohibited for being used for engaging in political activity. Bacon’s twitter handle is clearly political—it links to his official website and vice versa, and it links to his “Official Facebook Page for Congressman Don Bacon,” which also has the official district office phone number.

“Don Bacon misused tax dollars when he used his taxpayer funded twitter account to engage in political activity and smear an opponent. This misuse of our tax money is a violation of House ethics rules and must be thoroughly investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics.” – Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director, Eric Aspengren

Copy of Complaint

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