rsz_big_lee_terry_plain_croppedLINCOLN-In advance of the one-year anniversary of the government shutdown, today the Nebraska Democratic Party launched a website, entitled “Dang Straight!” that highlights Congressman Lee Terry’s recent complaints over his salary.

The website,, documents Congressman Terry’s complaints over his congressional pay and his support of the government shutdown last year. The government shutdown started on October 1, 2013 and lasted for 17 days. Congressman Terry voted in support of the shutdown, but elected to keep his taxpayer-funded salary.

Although he supported the government shutdown, when asked if he would keep his taxpayer-funded salary while millions of federal workers were unsure if they would get paid, Terry replied “Dang straight… I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college.”

“As the one-year anniversary of the shutdown approaches, Nebraska voters need to remember who Lee Terry was looking out for last October – Lee Terry,” said Dan Marvin, Executive Director, Nebraska Democratic Party. “Congressman Terry’s complaints about his own salary were callous, especially compared to the struggles that Nebraska families are facing every day. We’re launching to keep him accountable for his insensitive and short-sighted comments.”

Since coming to Congress, Congressman Terry’s pay has been raised from $141,300 to $174,000. In the past decade, Congressman Terry has voted to raise his own pay four times, yet he opposes raising the minimum wage for Nebraska workers.

“Lee Terry’s statements on his pay are synonymous with putting yourself first,” added Marvin. “It’s the opposite of public service.”

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