Nebraska Democrats Response to the State of the Union

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb, has released the following statement in response the State of the Union.

“It is difficult to take anything Pres. Trump says at face value knowing he literally has lied almost every day in office. Nebraska is home to almost 4,000 Dreamers who have earned the right to be called an American citizen and to stop living in fear they will be ripped from their homes and families. There was simply no vision from the President tonight which gives us the inspiration to work hard to end this one-party rule across our state and country.”

Chair Kleeb will be doing a live rebuttal on Facebook Live after Rep. Kennedy has finished the Democratic response:

Democratic Candidate Statements:

Crawford for Congress statement on Trump State of the Union Speech:

“Trump’s call for unity rings hollow in light of the divisive nature of his presidency. So far, the legislative agenda of Trump and the Congressional Republicans has been entirely based upon partisan considerations and GOP party line votes. While Trump launched vitriolic attacks on the Democrats in Congress, Fortenberry and his party bosses excluded the Democrats from the process. If we are to make progress as a nation on issues like health care and immigration, Trump and the Republicans will have to work with the Democrats on a bi-partisan basis. We deserve nothing less as a country.”

Eastman for Congress released this statement in response to the State of the Union Address:

“Our country’s leadership has lost sight of what is important and good for our nation. We need to be investing in American families – ensuring they have access to quality healthcare, jobs that pay a living wage, safe homes and clean water. Carefully worded speeches do not mitigate the damage done by this administration to our environment, the deficit, and to marginalized groups.”

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