Nebraska Democratic Party’s Response to the Vandalism at the Nebraska Republican Party’s office

Last night the Nebraska Republican Party office was vandalized. In response the Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statement.

“We understand how frightening it is right now to be working in politics where people are resorting to violence, racism, and other divisive rhetoric. Our workplaces and homes are meant to be safe places where we pursue our goals and dreams. We condemn the violence and vandalism that happened at the Nebraska Republican Party. We want to remind citizens it is our duty to each other and to our country to debate, stand up for issues and to help people. We never stand for violence.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“As to the statement made by Chair Kleeb, as 2nd Associate Chair elect, I not only affirm her statement but decry reckless vandalism as counter productive to the causes we believe in.” -Preston Love Jr.

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