Nebraska Democratic Party’s response to weekend shooting in Omaha

The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statements.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party is committed to reducing gun violence. Whether in a school, mall, place of worship, playground or on the streets every Nebraskans should feel safe in our communities. We must take action to ensure we are saving lives.” Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair.

The acts of violence that occurred over the weekend are a reminder that even though statistically homicides and shootings has gone down significantly over the last ten years, there is still an issue of violence in our city.  In addition, there is an issue of easy access to illegal firearms. Our youth should be concerned with graduating from high school and being productive members of society. As a community, as families, as parents, brothers, sisters – a VILLAGE – we can all do better.  The only way to do that though is collaboration.” Kimara Snipe, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Black Caucus.

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