Nebraska Legislature has for the 8th Year in a Row Defeated a Voter ID Bill

Today, the Nebraska Legislature voted to not to advance LR1CA, a constitutional amendment to require all voters to carry a government issued ID to vote. Nebraska is one of 17 states to not allow the voter suppression tactic of voter-id. The others: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington D.C.

The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statements in response to the vote:

“Nebraska remains one of 17 states that does not allow the voter suppression tactics the GOP constantly pushes in order to keep power. Thank you Sen. Morfeld and all the Senators who stood up for democracy today. The Nebraska Democratic Party is focused on ways our state can expand democracy with same day voter registration and more early voting locations while Gov. Ricketts embraces backwards proposals that block out voters.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“For an eighth year in a row in Nebraska a bi-partisan group of state senators stopped discriminatory and unnecessary restrictions on the right to vote, and I was proud to lead the charge.” – State Senator Adam Morfeld

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