Nebraska Democratic Party Sends Call to Action, and Promise to Voters

Nebraska Democratic Party Sends Call to Action, and Promise to Voters

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party respects the nonpartisan foundation of the Unicameral. We largely do not get involved in bills because we believe it is our job to build the party infrastructure, organize year round and elect Democrats. It is the job of elected officials to govern.

There are moments when the Nebraska Democratic Party must take a stand on bills that will do harm. This is one of those moments.

LB 626, a bill that would effectively ban access to abortion and LB 574, a bill that tells parents how to raise their children should never have seen the light of day let alone have momentum to get to the floor of our Unicameral.

We stand with the base of our Democratic Party and the majority of Nebraskans who want to make their own healthcare decisions without interference from the government. 

We respect that elected officials may practice and hold a deep faith. We also stand with the founders of our country that we should keep a clear separation of church and state.

Voters expect State Senators to focus on the big issues facing our rural and urban communities from fixing property taxes, fully funding our public schools and making sure that big corporations are not trampling on the rights of citizens, farmers, workers, small businesses and Tribal Nations. 

Instead, some Senators have decided the culture wars are more important.

A bill is not a law until it is–therefore we call on Democrats, Independents and Republicans to join and exercise your voice as the “Second House” of the Unicameral and tell your stories to the Senators. We have a page on our website that gives you contact information and tools.

As a party, we will organize and stand with groups and voters who want to take these issues to the ballot if they pass in the Unicameral. 

Nebraska Democrats above all else believe in doing the most good for the most people. It is our hope Nebraskans of all political stripes join us.

On the Nebraska Democratic Party’s website we have a page for citizens to engage with their state senators as well as special actions for LB 626 and LB 574.

Take action, take a stand.

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