Press Release: Jacob Campbell follows Trump’s lead in reckless response to COVID-19; refused to wear mask when asked by senior citizen

Republican candidate Jacob Campbell, who is running for the District 29 seat in the Legislature, is following President Trump’s lead and reckless behavior in ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic and mocking his opponent for following public health advice. 

In the Lincoln Journal Star Voter Guide, Campbell attacked Democrat Eliot Bostar for following public health guidelines to not campaign door-to-door during the pandemic. In fact, it is Jacob Campbell’s willingness to put voters’ lives at risk that is disqualifying. For months, Campbell has been knocking on voters’ doors — often without a mask — while ignoring public health guidelines in every aspect of his campaign.

“Campbell has ignored all of these public health recommendations. In fact, we received a report from a senior citizen that Campbell refused to put on a mask when asked while standing just outside her front door,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb.

Eliot Bostar’s robust door-to-door campaigning was credited as being decisive in his victory in the primary. Nevertheless, after consulting with public health professionals, Bostar halted face-to-face canvassing in the interest of our community’s safety.

“When I started this campaign it was my top priority to have as many face-to-face conversations with voters as possible,” said Bostar. “But some things are more important than campaigning for elected office, like protecting our community’s public health — especially our senior citizens.”

Right now, hospitals are filling up and COVID-19 case counts are rising dramatically. Last week, the University of Nebraska Medical Center urged Nebraskans to exercise renewed vigilance in adhering to public health guidelines to keep our loved ones and our community safe. In Lancaster County, all residents are required to wear a mask in public, avoid large gatherings, and door-to-door sales are prohibited.

Despite this clear guidance, Jacob Campbell has been going door-to-door for months and voters are increasingly expressing concern.

Tweets shared by the Nebraska GOP over the weekend exemplify exactly why Campbell’s behavior is disqualifying. In violation of health agency recommendations, a large group of Jacob Campbell volunteers gathered – without wearing masks – to have a potluck and then knock doors. Clearly Campbell and his campaign are not taking COVID-19 seriously.

“This kind of reckless disregard for the health and safety of our loved ones makes him unfit to hold public office,” Kleeb said.


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