Press Release: NDP and campaigns exceed goal of making 100,000 calls to voters across Nebraska in just one week

The Nebraska Democratic Party’s effort to make 100,000-Calls-Across-Nebraska, in just one week, to encourage voters to return their early ballots was a huge success–the goal was surpassed and 171,199 calls were made to help elect Democrats.

This past week, the NDP, county parties, Kara Eastman, Kate Bolz, state legislative and down-ballot candidates along with our fantastic staff and volunteers all worked together in order to make 171,199 calls to voters urging them to fill out and mail or drop off their early ballots or go to the polls on Nov. 3.

“Democratic and Independent voters across Nebraska are energized to elect Democrats up and down the ballot on Nov. 3,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “From yard sign drive-thrus, to phone calls and texting efforts we are keeping ourselves and others safe while engaging with voters. Our efforts are working, we are seeing historic turnout numbers already for Democrats and Independent voters.”

Beyond the 171,199 calls we made in just one week, other data over the past month shows Democrats are enthusiastic and engaged:

— Sent over 471,000 text messages to chase mail-in applications and ballots.

— Volunteers mailed more than 50,000 hand-written postcards to voters.

— Through our “No-Knock Lit Drops” we distributed over 35,000 campaign fliers and pamphlets to voters’ homes.

— Campaigns distributed more than 49,500 yard signs for Biden-Harris, Kate Bolz, Kara Eastman and down ballot candidates across Nebraska.

— Mailed more than 210,000 Democratic Voter Guides personalized for each of the 93 counties. 

“There is still work to be done,” Kleeb said. “We will not rest until we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House, Kara Eastman and Kate Bolz to Congress, Preston Love to the U.S. Senate and strong Democrartic candidates running for State Legislature to School Boards. We are committed to ending the one-party rule that stifles democracy and progress in our state.”


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