Press release: NDP Chair Kleeb calls on GOP Chair Welch to condemn Omaha Young Republicans over remarks about state senator

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb is asking the GOP Chair Dan Welch to join her in condemning a dangerous and reckless attack by the Omaha Young Republicans questioning the mental health of a state senator after an exchange Thursday in the Legislature where Sen. Cavanaugh was standing up for children.

The Omaha Young Republicans issued a press release stating Sen. Cavanaugh had a “TOTAL meltdown” and then raised concerns about her mental health.

Kleeb decried the group’s release and called it out as an attempt by the GOP to distract from the absolute lack of accountability by Gov. Ricketts on the failed system for children in foster care. 

“This attack by Republicans was irresponsible and inexcusable,” Chair Kleeb said. “The Omaha Young Republicans should apologize immediately to Sen. Cavanaugh and fellow state Chair Dan Welch should join me in condemning such attacks. When a woman stands up for some of the most vulnerable among us — children in foster care — she should be applauded, not mocked by an official group of Republican Party. One has to wonder if this is an attempt of distraction by the Republican Party to draw attention away from the crisis of the foster care system in our state where millions of dollars have been wasted and corruption is at the door of Gov. Ricketts.”


The exchange between Sen. Cavanaugh and fellow Senators happened after the Legislature’s executive board appointed nine members of a special investigative committee to probe the state’s troubled child welfare services in eastern Nebraska, but left Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh of Omaha, sponsor of the investigation, on the sidelines.



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