Press release: NDP’s Kleeb blasts Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith for vote against the $3.5 trillion budget resolution

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb blasted Nebraska GOP Reps. Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith on Tuesday for voting against the $3.5 trillion budget resolution — a sweeping economic package that will expand middle-class jobs and secure the nation’s social safety net.

“Once again I am a broken record — Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith stood in the way of doing what is good for the country and Nebraska so they could blindly follow their Republican marching orders,” Kleeb said. “The legislation tackles key issues like health care, land conservation, immigration, child care and the climate crisis. Republicans would rather have red meat to throw out to their base than vote on a budget that builds out the middle class. Rep. Bacon in particular, who fancies himself as a moderate, continues to show us that he cares more about railing against Democratic leadership than he does about the people in his district.”

Democrats now will be able to use the budget reconciliation process to pass a bill — likely later this fall — by a simple majority.

Tuesday’s vote was 220-to-212.


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