Press Release: Nebraska Democratic Party approves Alisha Shelton as our candidate for U.S. Senate

The Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee voted Sunday to have Alisha Shelton represent the party as our U.S. Senate nominee if Chris Janicek leaves the race by Sept. 1, 2020.

The party removed all resources and support from Mr. Janicek after he violated the NDP Code of Conduct by making sexually inappropriate comments about a staff member during a group text to his campaign workers.

Alisha Shelton is a mental health therapist and leader in the African-American community. She finished third in the Democratic Primary in May.

“As Democrats, we stand with Alisha Shelton to represent our party’s values on the ballot for the General Election,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “Voters deserve a candidate we can be proud of and Alisha Shelton is a leader who will fight for those who need health care and good-paying jobs. Chris Janicek has no shot in beating Ben Sasse; however Alisha Shelton has the ability to bring together voters of all backgrounds to vote for change.”

Shelton said she is ready and willing to get back in the race and earn the votes of Nebraskans.

“I am ready to fight for all Nebraskans and take on Senator Sasse this November. The people are asking for a different choice. I support the Nebraska Democratic Party’s decision to enforce their code of conduct,” Shelton said. “I stand for survivors, for workers, for equality and for love. Advocating for Nebraskans is in my blood. Now is the time to bring love back to Nebraska and to stand together. I am ready to be the voice that unites Nebraska.”

Chris Janicek must decline the nomination to the Secretary of State by Sept. 1, 2020. The NDP will discuss strategies after Sept. 1 if Mr. Janicek refuses to leave the race since Nebraska state law will prohibit Alisha Shelton from running as a write-in candidate because she ran in the primary election.

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