Press Release: Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Kleeb issues statement on Friday’s U.S. Senate debate

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issued the following statement on Friday’s U.S. Senate Debate at NET in Lincoln:

“It is nice to see Sen. Ben Sasse grace Nebraskans with his presence in our state — just in time to mock Democratic values and voters,” Kleeb said. “A predictable playbook from Trump’s Republican Party these days. We all look forward to a time when our leaders get back to the basics — treating veterans with respect, valuing family farmers over corporate interests, schools that are open, healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt us and a clean environment.”

Sasse debated Chris Janicek, who the NDP withdrew support for after he sexually harassed a staff member and refused to withdraw his candidacy as the Democratic nominee.


NDP officials asked Janicek to withdraw from the senate race after he sexually harassed a staff member with explicit text messages asking staff to donate money so Chris could hire men to perform violent sex on a female staff member.

The NDP will announce a write-in candidate next week.




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