Press release: Sen. Pansing Brooks officially enters CD1 race in challenge to indicted Rep. Fortenberry

Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks on Monday entered the race for the 1st Congressional District seat now held by GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, who is under federal indictment for lying to the FBI about donations to his campaign.

Change can only happen when we elect leaders who understand and listen to the problems our communities face,” Pansing Brooks said in an early-morning Tweet.

Said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb:

“Sen. Pansing Brooks has spent her entire career making sure that families and our communities were at the heart of her work. Rep. Fortenberry has lied to Nebraskans, lied to the FBI, and is now indicted. Sen. Pansing Brooks will restore dignity to the office and bring her full heart to get work done for the people of Nebraska.”

In her two terms as a state senator representing Nebraska’s 28th District, Pansing Brooks has fought hard and achieved victories for our most vulnerable neighbors, particularly children. One focus of her legislative career has been youth justice reform: Shey introduced and passed bills that have expanded children’s rights to legal representation in the justice system, established automatic sealing of children’s court records when they have completed their sentences, and reoriented the purpose of school peacekeeping officers away from bringing more children into the justice system, and toward keeping kids in school.

Pansing Brooks is hosting a public reception Monday evening in Lincoln. Learn more about her campaign here.

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