Rep. Fortenberry’s Daughter Says Trump Hates Women

Today, Congressional Correspondent Billy House tweeted “Not all perfect inside room, Rep. Fortenberry told Pence his young daughter was upset and told her Dad, ‘Trump hated women.'”

Nearly all women in Nebraska agree with Rep. Fortenberry’s daughter who said she thinks Donald Trump hates women, EXCEPT two: Mayor Jean Stothert and Senator Deb Fischer. The Nebraska Republican Party’s top elected women have yet to realize what Fortenberry’s young daughter has been able to conclude from Trump’s hateful, sexist language/behavior and worse, they both continue to support and endorse him for the President of the United States.

Hopefully, Rep. Fortenberry is at least concerned enough by his daughter’s observation that he will follow the majority of Nebraskans who have been appalled by Trumps divisive and hateful rhetoric and end his support of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

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