Statement on TrumpCare, Putting Lives At-Risk for a Tax Cut

TrumpCare Means Rural Hospitals Close, Families Pay 20% More for Health Insurance, Lives Put At-Risk

The Nebraska Democratic Party responds to the CBO score for TrumpCare bill put forward by the Senate Republicans with this statement from Chair Jane Kleeb:

“As a woman whose pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition before ObamaCare, I, like most Nebraskans, am terrified what is happening under the Republicans who are now literally putting lives at-risk.”

“Nebraskans have yet to get a straight answer from Sen. Fischer or Sen. Sasse on where they stand on the bill. This is shocking given Sen. Sasse campaigned on repealing ObamaCare, touting his expertise and papers he wrote on alternative plans and yet he has remained silent as the Republicans threw together a reckless bill after seven years of press conferences and talking points. Sen. Fischer blocked Nebraskans from coming into a public event so she did not have to face their concerns. Nebraskans deserve better leaders who look out for our families.”

Facts on CBO Report

Premiums for families will go up by 20% over the rates under Obamacare.

Rural hospitals in Nebraska and across the country will close.

If a Nebraskan is in-between coverage—which happens often as someone changes jobs-—they will not be able to purchase new insurance for six months, leaving them without coverage and relying only on emergency rooms’ costly care.

22 million Americans will be uninsured because of the Republican Senate TrumpCare bill.

Deep cuts in Medicaid will take place, leaving the disabled and poor of our state with nowhere to turn—over 239,000 Nebraskans are on Medicaid.

Kaiser fact sheet on Nebraska:

Nebraska Democratic Party call to action page with more facts:

For interviews, please contact Ryan Krumel,, who can arrange an interview with Chair Jane Kleeb.

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