The State of Failed Leadership in the Ricketts Administration

LINCOLN– In his first year, Ricketts has not only failed to lead the state to fix current problems but has managed to create even more. From losing jobs, making no effort to retain one of Nebraska’s top employers and a Fortune 500 company, to his failure on prison reform resulting in riots and continued overcrowding, to his failure to end the mismanagement at HHS costing taxpayers 15 million this year. “In one year, Nebraskans are already being forced to pay for Ricketts’ mistakes, useless spending, and his administration’s state of failed leadership,” said NDP Chair Vince Powers.


Highlights of Rickett’s continual state of failed leadership:


Governor Ricketts denied 77,000 Nebraskans health coverage and promised he will continue to reject millions of dollars in federal funding to expand Medicaid in Nebraska.


Governor Ricketts made no progress to fix the Health and Human Services Department and even more mistakes were made:

Ricketts hired a firm to hire an head administrator to a troubled department and then later found out she not only lacked the qualifications, but falsified her credentials during the hiring process.
In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services mistakenly misspent $13 million of federal funding, which state taxes later had to replace.


Governor Ricketts loses jobs and threatens the status of our state’s low unemployment.
Ricketts did nothing to stop one of Nebraska’s top employers, ConAgra, from moving its headquarters Chicago, and taking thousands of Nebraskans jobs with them.
Governor Ricketts failed to reform a dangerous prison system.
His failure to reduce overcrowding in our prisons led to a dangerous 11 hour riot at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.
Continuing the overuse and misuse of solitary confinement in both the juvenile and adult prisons, while failing to address critical issues mental health in our state.
Governor Ricketts continues to misuse and uselessly spend taxpayers money.
Ricketts increased spending in his own budget for the Governor’s Office, while slashing the state budget.


He has carelessly spent over $50,000 attempting to buy lethal injection drugs that have banned from being imported into the country.


Ricketts took several undocumented trips around the country and the world for professional and personal reasons, using taxpayers money in the process for security detail.

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