Was Lamm Involved with GOP Term Limits Petition? Lamm Needs to Come Clean

Republican Mayoral candidate Cyndi Lamm needs to publicly declare her team had no involvement whatsoever in any aspect of the term limits petition drive against Mayor Chris Beutler, Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb said today.

“Changing the election rules because you can’t win is not right and voters deserve to know if Lamm was involved,” Kleeb said. “People don’t want a Mayor who would go along with rigging an election.”

On Friday July 27th, a petition to limit the Lincoln Mayor to two terms was filed at the City Clerk’s Office. Several prominent Republican Party officers are listed on the petition documents including National Committeeman J.L. Spray, former State Republican Party Executive Director Robert Synhorst, and County Republican Party Secretary Faith White. Former County Republican Party Chair Matt Innis is a spokesperson for the group.

The petition is not about term limits, if so the majority-led Republican legislature and Republican Governor would pass a law on term-limits for the state.

“The latest childish move by the Republicans is partisan politics at its very worst. The petition sponsors aren’t even trying to hide the fact that the intent of the petition is to keep Chris Beutler’s name off the ballot. They can’t beat Chris Beutler in an election so instead, they offer a deceitful, dishonest political ploy to take away the right of Lincoln voters to choose their Mayor,” stated Chair Jane Kleeb.

Cyndi Lamm has stated publicly she is “considering” a run for Mayor and several internet videos found through a simple Google search feature clips of Lamm talking about why she is running for Mayor.

Cyndi Lamm needs to stand up now and show she has the courage and sense of fair play that a Mayor must have to lead Lincoln. Lamm has already been caught telling the public one thing about her Mayoral intentions while her online videos clearly show she is already in the race.

“Lincoln is nationally recognized for its strong business climate and high quality of life. We have a low unemployment, a low crime rate, and a strong economy. Our neighborhoods are great places to live and raise kids in a school system that is thriving.  The Republican Party’s radical political games show voters they know Lamm can’t beat Mayor Beutler’s record and so they are trying to rig an election,” stated Chair Kleeb.

If Lamm, her campaign staff, or advisors do not have knowledge of this effort on her behalf or if she was not involved, she needs to makes a public statement.

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