Ricketts steak-fry

See the map of the protest area being provided.

The Red highlighted area will be roped off inside the wooden fence in front of the lilac bushes. The Yellow highlighted area is designated for any overflow crowd.

Enter the area at the Green X on the map.

Please park in the High School parking lot shown in the Green boxes on the map and walk to your area. Only cars that have tickets to the event will be permitted to enter the park, so you will need to just walk a brief distance to the spot.

PLEASE NOTE: State Park regulation 001.03A  The operation or use of any audio device including a radio, television set, musical instrument, or a device producing noise such as an electric generating plant, a motor vehicle, a motorized toy, or other equipment driven by a motor or engine in such a manner or at such a time so as to unreasonably annoy or endanger persons in campgrounds, picnic areas or at other places or gatherings is prohibited.