Ricketts Mua Cơ quan Lập pháp, Đảng Dân chủ Nebraska Kêu gọi Độc lập

Ricketts Bought the Legislature 
Nebraska Democrats Call for Independence

As the legislative session begins, Gov. Ricketts’ millions-of-dollars investment is paying off.

“Gov. Ricketts bought the Nebraska Legislature. After the independent Unicameral last session overrode several vetoes and he did not get his way, Ricketts acted like a spoiled rich kid and bought the Legislature.”

In past years, the committee chairs have been balanced and shown independence from the Governor’s office. This year however, the chairs are dominated by State Senators who Ricketts handpicked and who will carry out the Governor’s one-party, one-idealogy platform. Despite Ricketts stranglehold on the Legislature, Nebraska Democrats elected new State Senators from rural and urban districts bringing the number of Democrats up to 15 in the Legislature. Newly elected State Senators are proud Democrats, not partisan Democrats carrying out the tradition of the non-partsian Unicameral that is unique to Nebraska.

“As our State Senators walk into the capitol everyday, they see these simple words—the salvation of our state is the watchfulness of the citizens. Our job as citizens may have gotten harder right with Ricketts endless ATM, but that will not stop we the people from standing up against reckless budget measures, voter suppression efforts and other radical ideas the Governor is pushing on our state.”

The Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) is holding trainings throughout the state on Jan. 28th for the new Blue Bench Project to help citizens gain skills they can use in their communities to stand up to Gov. Ricketts and other radical ideas that can hurt the growth of our state.
For further information or resources please reach out to the NDP by using the contact information above.


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