Nebraska Democratic Party hỏi các thành viên của Quốc hội chúng ta nên lắng nghe ai sau khi Mike Flynn từ chức vì Nga

The country is asking many questions to our leaders after the resignation of Mike Flynn over lying about communications with Russia.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party is reaching out to our Members of Congress not in a partisan way, but as constituents. We are deeply troubled with the growing evidence of Russian interference in our government. Mike Flynn, our country’s national security advisor, conspired with a hostile foreign power and the President is blaming the press.

We have to wonder, what are Nebraska’s Members of Congress doing to protect us? In these troubling times, whom should we listen to–the United States’ intelligence agencies or President Trump?

We urge Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation to formally request an independent investigation like the 9/11 Commission, that is truly bipartisan, and will provide answers and confidence to the American people.”

-Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair

More Background:

Donald Trump, Mike Pence and White House officials like Sean Spicer have all lied about the Trump campaign being in contact with the Russians.

  • Donald Trump denied there was any contact on January 11.
  • Mike Pence denied there was any contact on January 15.
  • Sean Spicer denied there was any contact on February 14.

Donald Trump’s consistently pro-Russian rhetoric and actions are too strange and too concerning to be ignored: 

  • Trump defended Putin’s regime on TV – even comparing the United States to his murderous regime;
  • Trump attacked Putin adversaries like NATO and the European Union, as he did within his first days in office;
  • Trump refused to personally criticize renewed Russian aggression in Ukraine, leaving it to U.S. diplomats;
  • Trump eased U.S.-imposed sanctions on a Russian spy agency;
  • Trump weakened the Republican Party’s platform’s stance on Russia days after Trump’s foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, met with a top Putin aide believed to be responsible for intelligence collected by Russian agencies about the U.S. election.


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