2024 NDP Voting Center

Primary Election - May 14, 2024

General Election - November 5, 2024


There are three ways to register to vote (online, in person and by mail) and three ways to cast your ballot (early at your county election office, by mail or in person at your polling location on election day). We give you the deadlines and further info for each below.

  1. Register to vote. You can also change your party affiliation and change your address. Democrats allow Independents to vote in our primary.
  2. Add the election dates  — May 14th (primary) and November 5th (general)— and your polling location to your calendar now. Adding the dates and location to vote will help remind you where and when you need to be on these two critical dates.
  3. Complete your Vote-By-Mail application, if you want to vote by mail, and send the application into your county election officeVoting by mail is easy and secure. Your ballot will be mailed to you.


All of the dates below are for the Primary Election — May 14, 2024. We will post the General Election dates after the Primary.

Democrats are no longer holding caucuses for the primary Presidential race. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats welcome Independents, to vote in ALL of our primary elections.


April 29, 2024: Last Day to mail in your voter registration application, it must be postmarked by this date

April 29, 2024: Last day to register to vote online 

April 29, 2024: Last day to register to vote in-person at your DMV Office

May 3, 2024 (by 6 p.m): Last day to register to vote in-person at your county election office


You need to apply to vote by mail. Voting by mail is easy and allows you to avoid lines and bad weather. You can also look up information online as you vote which helps with many of the down ballot races where you might not know the candidates.

If you live in one of these counties (Boone, Cedar, Cherry, Clay, Dawes, Dixon, Garden, Knox, Merrill, Merrick, Stanton), you do not have to apply to Vote-By-Mail because they conduct ALL elections by mail. A ballot will be sent to you automatically if you are registered. It is critical to note, if you are an Independent, you will need to notify your county election office that you want a Democratic ballot sent to you.

Independent voters can write on the Vote-by-Mail application that they want a Democratic Ballot mailed to them so they can vote in the Presidential Primary along with ALL other partisan offices on the ballot. Republicans shut out Independents from their Presidential Primary.

You can fill out our Vote-by-Mail Application and we will send you a paper form to fill out. The SOS has a form which you can fill out online, but you must then print, sign and send to your county election office

April 29, 2024 (by 6 p.m.): Last Day the Vote-by-Mail Applications are accepted at your county election office


April 8, 2024: First Day that Vote-By-Mail ballots can be sent to you, if you apply to vote by mail after this date they send the ballot to you on a rolling basis–you can always check to see where your ballot is online

May 14, 2024: Last day your Vote-By-Mail ballot can be received by your county election office–you can drop it to your county election office by this date or ensure you leave plenty of time if mailing from home or the post office

You can always check the status of your early ballot here (whether it was mailed to you and whether the county election office received it).

In-Person Early Voting 

April 15, 2024: First Day to vote early, in-person, at your county election office

May 13, 2024: Last Day to vote early, in-person, at your county election office

Voting Links

Check to see if you are registered to vote

Register online to vote

Find your polling place  (where you go on Election Day to vote)

Vote By Mail Application 

Find your County Election office (where you can do the following: register to vote, request to vote by mail, vote early)

Spanish Versions of Election Forms

Voter ID

The first election requiring voter ID will be the May 14, 2024 statewide primary election.

Check for additional updates here: https://sos.nebraska.gov/elections/voter-id

The Secretary of State has released a brochure about voter ID, this brochure is being distributed across the state.

Disability Voting Rights

Those with disabilities, whether physical or intellectual, have the right to vote however access can be a challenge.  You have the right to request your ballot by mail and if you choose to vote in person, the polling location, by law, should be ADA accessible. Below are some additional resources:

Living Overseas?

Democrats Abroad help Nebraskans living overseas vote. Get all the information you need to vote abroad here.

Served Time?

Nebraska law ensures that people who have served time can have their right to vote restored after a two-year period following the successful completion of their sentence, including probation.

 You can read all the background on voting rights for formerly incarcerated people here.

Do Democrats Allow Independents to Vote in the Primary? 

Democrats allow Independents to vote in all of our Primary elections. The Republican Party does NOT welcome Independent voters. Just ask for a Democratic ballot when you vote, it is that easy!

We no longer are holding caucuses in our state. So all offices, including the President, will be on your primary ballot.

If you are a registered non-partisan in Nebraska, during the Presidential primaries you can request a Democratic ballot at your polling location on May 14 or when you apply to vote by mail or when you vote early at your county election office. 

For all Congressional offices (U.S. Senate and House of Representatives), if you are a non-partisan voter, you can request a partisan Democratic ballot for these federal races. That is a matter of federal law. We hope you choose the Democrats!

For all other state partisan elections (Governor, PSC, etc.), the Democratic Party allows Independent voters to request a Democratic ballot. The Republicans in Nebraska do NOT welcome non-partisan voters in their primary races.

In Nebraska, we have a non-partisan state Legislature — this means regardless of your party affiliation, you can vote for the person you want to see represent you. The top two vote-getters — regardless of party —  in the Primary go on to the General Election.