The Blue Bench Project

The Blue Bench Project is about taking substantive action. Staying home and posting on Facebook isn’t enough anymore.

This is so much more than a training program or seminar. Every meeting will be hands on and action oriented. We will learn from one another and prepare a new and old generation on how to take action in a new age.

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We list the months and categories of Blue Bench trainings below.

Watch the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Facebook page for exact dates and locations upcoming Blue Bench trainings!

The Blue Bench Project is a training program for anyone of any age that wants to run for office or serve the party as a staff member on a campaign or officer at the county level.

The Nebraska Democratic Party is building our bench for races up and down the ballot as well as ensuring we have diverse folks in age, race and economic backgrounds serving as leadership at the county party level and on campaign staff teams.

State Senators Adam Morfeld and Anna Wishart are the co-chairs of this new project under Chair Jane Kleeb’s leadership.

Winter training (January): Effective phone banking
Spring trainings (April 23 and 29): It’s Called GIF and Effective door to door advocacy
Summer training: Effective progressive and populist communications and public speaking
Fall training (Nov. 12): Creating a campaign plan and running for office or running a campaign, including fundraising