A message from the NDP Native Caucus on National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons

Today marks the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP).

The day commemorates and honors Red Dress day with our relatives to the North in Canada along with the birthdate of Hannah Harris (Northern Cheyenne), who was murdered in 2013.

Native American & Indigenous women and girls experience the highest rates of violence of any group in the US; the highest rate of domestic violence and rape of any group of women; murder at more than 10 times higher than the national average rate.

This is an egregious epidemic and the U.S. government and several states have worked in collaboration with Tribal Nations over the past couple of years to address it.

Recently, our Native Caucus recognizes the stellar leadership from our first ever Native American Secretary of Interior Deb Halaand, (Laguna Pueblo) as she works in collaboration with President Biden and Vice-President Harris.

The full support of President Biden and Vice-President Harris to this work is restoring hope and justice for our Native Peoples.

This partnership is the newly formed Missing and Murdered Unit (MMU). It will assist our Tribal lands, communities, families of MMIWG2S victims, seek to develop evidence-based prevention efforts and bring long overdue justice.

Please join the Native Caucus as we recognize the sacred role of Native American women and girls and please support our National Day of Awareness for MMIWG2S.

We implore you to learn more about this crisis, work in solidarity with our efforts to end this crisis and support local, state and National efforts to seek justice for the thousands of unsolved cases. Finally, please honor the spirit and memory of our Native Sisters. We send our on-going prayers to our families of MMIWG2S relatives. The Native Caucus will continue to fight for justice and prevention.




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