An American Crisis

President Trump’s disgraceful performance at today’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear that he is unwilling to stand up for and protect America from Russian meddling. This is unprecedented. At no point in our history has an American president failed so spectacularly to stand up to a hostile foreign power.
And all of this came on the heels of the indictments by Trump’s very own Justice Department of 12 Russian officials for interfering in our political process by hacking the computer systems of the DNC, the DCCC, then-U.S. Rep Brad Ashford and others.
This, simply put, is dangerous to our national security. Not only did Trump let Putin off the hook for attacking our country, he effectively invited him to continue meddling in our democratic process by refusing to demand that Russia stay out of our elections.
It is a crisis, but talk is not enough. The Nebraska Democratic Party is working to elect all Democrats on the ballot. A $10 monthly donation helps us reach more voters to win elections.

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