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It seems that all the extremist Republicans might have underestimated how their decades-long barking to overturn Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights might come back to bite them.

Republican legislatures had passed so-called trigger laws essentially banning all abortions if Roe were overturned, which the U.S. Supreme Court recently did. Nebraska’s Democratic lawmakers blocked such legislation, but the 2023 session looms — and the issue has energized women voters in Nebraska’s CD1 and CD2 congressional races and elsewhere.

“Conservatives increasingly look like the dog who caught the car. Maybe, in the end, they should have stuck to barking,” penned Esquire’s Jack Holmes.

It’s a highly concrete “kitchen table” issue. Jobs and wages and taxes affect your ability to pay the bills, but so does your ability to choose when and whether to have a kid. And if the current tides in American politics are anything to go on, it could be a very dangerous issue for Republicans.

Democrats have outperformed Joe Biden’s 2020 numbers in … four House special elections since the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe.

South Carolina State Representative Neal Collins provided one of the first signals this week that some Republicans are coming down with buyer’s remorse when it comes to their agenda of draconian anti-abortion laws. He cited a case recently described to him where the medical professionals at a hospital could not spare a 19-year-old woman the horror of continuing to carry a non-viable 15-week fetus because the hospital’s lawyers feared they would run afoul of the “fetal heartbeat” bill Collins voted for. Not only would the woman have to suffer through losing the child at home alone, but also she stood a 50-50 chance of losing her uterus—and the chance to have another child someday. There was a 10 percent chance she herself could develop sepsis and die.

“That weighs on me. I voted for that bill. These are affecting people,” Collins said.

Who woulda thunk, eh?


The inaugural Kerrey Nelson Gala is taking place on Oct. 14 in Omaha!

Each year the Nebraska Democratic Party celebrates elected officials, candidates, party leaders and grassroots volunteers that build our party. For about two decades, the annual event was called the Morrison Exon fundraiser in honor of Gov. Frank Morrison and Sen. Jim Exon.

In 2022, the NDP decided it was time to honor two of our current party titans — Sen. Bob Kerrey and Sen. Ben Nelson — and re-named the annual event the Kerrey Nelson Gala.



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The NDP collaborated with graphic artist Justin Kemerling for a new four freedoms poster series. These will only be available at in-person fundraisers around the state. The first fundraiser these will be available at is on Friday with comedian Amber Ruffin. The posters will also be available at the Kerrey Nelson event for purchase.

Right to Reproductive Freedom.

Right to the Future.

Right to Knowledge.

Right to Vote.

Vote for Democracy


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We leave you this week with a rendering by Bill Bramhall.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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