Congrats to Democratic state senators!

Wednesday’s unrest at the U.S. Capitol delayed our congratulating the 17 Democratic Nebraska state senators as the 2021 legislative session kicked off:

Sens Carol Blood, District 3; Mike McDonnell, District 5; Machaela Cavanaugh, District 6; Tony Vargas, District 7; Megan Hunt, District 8; John Cavanaugh, District 9; Wendy DeBoer, District 10; Terrell McKinney, District 11; Steve Lathrop, District 12; Justin Wayne, District 13; Lynne Walz, District 15; Matt Hansen, District 26; Anna Wishart, District 27; Patty Pansing Brooks, District 28, Eliot Bostar, District 29; Adam Morfeld, District 46; and Jen Day, District 49.

In addition, Sen. Walz was elected chair of the Education Committee, Sen. Vargas was elected vice chair of the Urban Affairs Committee, Sen. Wayne was re-elected chair of the Urban Affairs Committee, Sen. Lathrop was re-elected chair of the Judiciary Committee and Sen. McKinney was named chair of the Enrollment and Review Committee.

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