Congressman Don Bacon Allows 2023 Farm Bill To Expire


Despite speaking on the 2023 Farm Bill and pushing for more funding earlier this year, all three congressional representatives from our state failed Nebraska farmers and ranchers and allowed the Bill to expire (the Bill is updated every 5 years). Congressman Don Bacon was one of the most vocal and did nothing. Our friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) said it best:

It’s been five days since Don Bacon let the Farm Bill expire, and now he’s admitting that he’s punting farmers to the “back of the line” as he and House Republicans continue to be completely dysfunctional and ineffective amid their party infighting.
Even though it’s Bacon’s last priority, the clock is ticking to pass another Farm Bill, potentially hurting the more than 44,000 farms and ranches in Nebraska and putting 6,300 dairy workers in his district at risk of missing out on critical monthly payments. Failing to pass a Farm Bill could cost nearly 20 billion dollars and more than double the price of milk at grocery stores, hurting Nebraska families.
“Don Bacon and House Republicans have proven again and again that they’re too dysfunctional to get anything done, and Nebraskans are paying the price. While Nebraska dairy farmers and families edge closer to feeling the disastrous effects of the expired Farm Bill, Bacon is too busy playing politics in D.C. to care.” – DCCC Spokesperson Mallory Payne
It’s time for a change. It’s time for Tony Vargas for Congress to represent the working families of #NE02. No chaos. No in-fighting. Just getting things done. #NebDems #NebraskaDems #VoteBlueIn2024 #GOP #GOPDysfunction

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