Give a Thanksgiving meal to a neighbor in need

Many Nebraskans are facing a difficult Thanksgiving this year.

We are grieving the lives of loved ones. Family-owned businesses have closed down. Tens of thousands Nebraskans have lost their jobs and will not be able to put food on the table.

So the Nebraska Democratic Party is partnering with Big Mama’s Kitchen to support our neighbors in need. For a limited time, your $50 donation will supply a Thanksgiving dinner to a local family.

On this Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks and pay it forward to community members in need. The simple gift of a hot meal cooked with love can change everything.

If you know of a family in need of help, please send an email to the NDP’s Precious McKesson at


Enormous thank-you to Big Mama’s Kitchen, a locally-owned small business, for their generosity and delicious food, and to YOU. The work of rebuilding will take each and every one of us.

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