How to File for Office and Keep Your Campaign in Compliance

On December 21st, we held a training by staff from the Secretary of State’s office and the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. This was a part of our Blue Bench Training Series to support candidates, campaign staff and grassroots party leaders. This training was for candidates and campaigns who have questions about how to file for office and manage their Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission compliance. We had Wayne Bena, Deputy Secretary of State, and Frank Daley, Executive Director, Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, to provide the training.

We wanted to make sure we provided the information and some vital links to everyone.

The video of the training.

The Nebraska Secretary of State’s website

Candidate Filing Forms, Fees & Instructions

The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission’s website

The agenda of the NADC’s Presentation.

* there is one typo on the material on page 5. It tells you to use a B-7 form when it should be a B-5 form.

As was said in the training, the NADC is always there to help and make sure that everyone is accurately reporting. If you have a question reach out to their staff and they would be happy to assist.

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