NDP Response to Don Bacon’s Vote to an Impeachment Inquiry on President Biden Despite No Evidence


December 13, 2023
Contact: José Flores, Jr., Communications Director
402-215-1052, jose@nebraskademocrats.org

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 12-13-2023***

Nebraska Democratic Party Response to Don Bacon Voting for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Biden Despite Telling Press No Evidence 

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issues the following statement regarding Congressman Don Bacon’s vote for an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden today:

“Bacon is no better than Boebert or Green. Nebraskans deserve better than Don Bacon who admits his vote is a craven attempt to win re-election. Tony Vargas is ready to tackle big issues that matter to Nebraskans instead of distractions and Republican culture wars.” – Chair Jane Kleeb

Background: Congressman Don Bacon voted to begin an impeachment inquiry today, proving that he is another MAGA Republican taking orders. Instead of focusing on stopping a government shutdown that will affect millions, he shed his pretend moderate cloak again and sided with the GOP extremists. Instead of getting down to business before the holiday break, he voted to waste government resources with zero evidence warranting an impeachment inquiry. Nebraskans have had enough of the MAGA Republican clown show and the political stunts and need a leader who will address kitchen table issues. 

Just today, Bacon told several DC news outlets that he did not believe there was evidence to impeach the President and that he was taking the vote to help his re-election.

“I think it’s more important to have this information for the elections.” – Rep. Don Bacon




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