#NebDemsNews– Santa Claus, Climate Change, and the Tooth Fairy

Santa Claus, Climate Change, and the Tooth Fairy

Climate change is real and here, believe it or not.

Wildfires from Canada have brought smoke into New York, making the city (top) look like something out of Blade Runner 2049 (bottom).

I’m convinced that Republicans will only believe that climate change is real when it starts affecting the Yankees or their favorite team.

However, whether or not people believe it, the consequences of climate change are real now. Flights are grounded at Newark and LaGuardia, and New York had the worst air quality of any city on the whole earth.

While climate change isn’t some new phenomenon, the stakes of the

game seem a lot higher when America’s biggest city looks like a dystopian hellscape.

Compare and Contrast

Amidst flights being grounded in New York, the MAGA appointed

Supreme Court decided to undercut the EPA’s ability to address climate change and specifically, water quality concerns.

As our country delves into the 2024 Election Cycle, climate change is the perfect vehicle to convey the contrast between the two parties.

We can just add climate change to the list of things where irrefutable evidence exists, yet Republicans choose to deny it!

I’m just waiting to see the Trump or DeSantis statement saying, “The Democratic Party is filling the air with their orange chemicals to infect the whole country with the airborne spread of the woke mind virus.”

It’s the theme of our politics right now– There exists tangible, irrefutable consequences– whether it be the reality of climate change, effectiveness of vaccines, or legitimacy of our elections, Republicans just choose to live in their own reality instead of accepting the truth.

I mean, some of these positions on the Republican platform are about as real as the Easter Bunny, yet, these are the hills they choose to die on.

While Republicans continue to believe their fairytale of a platform, Democrats believe in what is right in front of our faces.

The Get Sh*t Done Party

There’s only so many culture wars that Republicans can talk about before it begs the question… what tangible stuff do you stand for?

So, while Ron DeSantis and Co. sit in their billion dollar donor meetings and complain about how Disney has gone woke, Democrats nationwide are getting their hands dirty and delivering for the American people. If you want to contribute to the party of getting our hands dirty and delivering for working class families, please consider joining our monthly donor program!

The Biden administration has created nearly 11 million jobs since they took office, and have been putting folks to work by bringing jobs back to America! The CHIPS act has brought semiconductor manufacturing to America from China, simultaneously tackling issues of manufacturing and the rising threat of China.

The White House has even been so kind as to provide a comprehensive record with all their accomplishments in one spot– with cute infographics that I encourage everyone to share as well!

However, in terms of the contrast between Republicans fake outrage and Democrats getting stuff done– my words pale in comparison to this side-by-side of Biden and DeSantis that I will leave you with. You can decide for yourself which of the two looks like they actually get stuff done.






Around the Horn

Republican extremists have embarked on a crusade to cancel every organization that voices any sympathy for pride month! After a public campaign against Bud Light and Target, anti-LGBTQ restaurant Chick-fil-a became the most recent target after hiring a VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Between canceling Bud Light and Chick-fil-a, Republican strategists are voicing growing concerns that their voter base may starve to death.

President Biden brokered a deal with Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling last week. After touting that “Democrats didn’t get any wins in this deal”– McCarthy had a large portion of his party say that McCarthy LOST the deal! Those on McCarthy’s right have been parrotting the words of their favorite former President, as seen on the right, now threatening to revolt on almost every other bill.

There was also significant news in the sports world last week, as the LIV Golf tour merged with the PGA tour. The LIV tour is funded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose human rights record includes achievements such as personally signing off on the murder of an American journalist and openly discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community and women. I mean c’mon what’s next… Kim Jong-Un being allowed to buy the Dallas Cowboys?

Upcoming Events–#HotDemSummer

If you are thinking about getting involved… do it! The Nebraska Democratic Party and our supporters will be walking in parades, waving rally signs, and showing support statewide.

Whether you want to voice your support, meet new Democrats in your community, or just get your steps in– we would LOVE to have you walk with us!

You can find the full list of events this summer here–we add new events all the time, so keep checking back and join us for the #HotDemSummer.

Thank you for reading!

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