Nebraska Democratic Party is Hiring a Young Democrats Organizer

The Nebraska Democratic Party is building a team of strong, experienced staff to expand the outreach of the party, raise resources, train the grassroots, lead on issues important to voters and elect candidates across our state. 

POSITION TITLE: Nebraska Democratic Party Young Democrats Organizer

REPORTS TO: Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director

LOCATION: Lincoln, Nebraska (our headquarters are in Lincoln, we are open to a staff member living in the tri-cities or Omaha as well with expectation of travel)

The Young Democrats Organizer, working with the Nebraska Young Democrats President, NDP Executive Director, State Chair, party officers and elected officials, oversees all grassroots outreach and chapter building for the Young Democrats. The Young Democrats Organizer is responsible for being in the community with allied issue groups, working with county parties to build Young Democrats chapters across the state, recruit volunteers for canvassing, register young voters and create brand awareness around our efforts to engage young people from diverse backgrounds. 

To apply for this job, you must have at least 2 years of volunteer or paid nonprofit or political experience. You must understand the Nebraska Young Democrats and NDP party structures. Additionally, you must have social media knowledge. Specific responsibilities and skills needed are listed below. 

The position is responsible, at a minimum, for the following:

  • Build at least 10 new college chapters and 20 new high school chapters in targeted communities by the end of 2024.
  • Create voter registration and vote by mail programs, targeted at young people, that result in 5,000 new young voters registered and another 10,000 young voters signing up to vote by mail by the end of 2024. Help build and lead with possible voter registration drives at certain community events.
  • Serve as the main staff point of contact for the Nebraska Young Democrats and the broader NDP community (i.e. county parties, caucuses, councils, state central committee) as the “go to” person for party leaders and grassroots activists to get questions answered and problems solved for all things related to young voters.
  • Visit at least 15 different county parties a year (30 total), across the state, every year to offer young voter outreach and chapter building training. 
  • Create at least 25 volunteer canvass days for targeted candidates. Involvement could be in coordination with county chairs.
  • Identify and maximize opportunities to partner with allied and diverse groups on issues in the Democratic Platform such as climate change, LGBTQIA+, family farms, felon voter rights, clean energy and college affordability. 
  • Facilitate good communication between party leaders and grassroots activists.  This includes regular social media posts and other ideas to keep everyone informed and moving in the same direction.
  • Create a strong volunteer database and system so when a candidate decides to run for office a list of trained and enthusiastic individuals who can help knock doors, call voters and help with vote by mail programs is sent to the candidate.
  • Attend the quarterly Nebraska Democratic Party State Central and monthly State Executive meetings.
  • Attend—as needed—Democratic National Committee and the Association of State Democratic Chairs meetings with the Nebraska Party Chair and other officers.


Candidates must have the following skills:

  • At least 2 years experience in a grassroots, field or operations position inside a political campaign, public sector, non-profit, private industry and/or trade association. The ideal profile of career experiences would include a blend of sectors. 
  • Excellent listening skills that do not internalize criticism but instead act on suggestions being brought forward.
  • Ability to juggle multiple roles switching from “trainer” to “chapter builder.”
  • Enjoys driving (!) and meeting with rural and urban Nebraskans from all backgrounds.
  • Track record of bringing creative solutions to the job.
  • Knowledge and understanding of political dynamics within Nebraska including how the SCC, SEC, Caucus and county party structure works.
  • Obsessed about the success of the Democratic Party and the quality of life for Nebraskans.



This is a full-time, salaried position. The pay is a minimum of $3,000 per month plus fully-paid health, dental and vision insurance. Staff receive federal holidays and other paid time off based on time served in the position. The NDP staff are proud IBEW Local 265 members. 



Submit resume, two references and cover letter that includes your salary requirement by 5 pm CT on Oct.16, 2023 to

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