Polling shows Trump and Biden in a dead heat, Bolz within striking distance of Fortenberry

Recent polling done in Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District for the Kate Bolz for Congress campaign shows President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden in a dead heat to win the electoral vote. State Senator Kate Bolz is within striking distance of incumbent Rep. Jeff Fortenberry.

Being driven by a 15-point lead in Lancaster County, Biden is currently polling within the margin of error for November’s election (46 percent to 48 percent), a massive swing in the Democrats’ favor from the 2016 results.

When voters in the district hear Kate’s story, as well as the pluses and minuses of both candidates, the Congressional race for NE-01 moves to a margin of error race as well.

“We have the most competitive candidate we’ve had in 20 years running in CD1 — Kate Bolz,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “Vice President Biden and Senator Kate Bolz are proving Democrats can win in unexpected places. Now as Democrats and Independents we have to pull together to prove we can win these races and end the one-party rule in our state.”

Assuming a similar electorate as in 2016, Trump’s 21-point margin has evaporated and the presidential race is currently statistically tied.

While Donald Trump has an underwater favorable rating (minus 31) with self-identified Independent voters, Vice President Biden has a net favorable rating.

Matching — or even approaching — the presidential vote is enough to put this seat in play for down-ballot Democratic candidates across NE-01, including Bolz.

It is also worth noting that Nathan L. Gonzales & Jacob Rubashkin of the American Association of Political Consultants recently put Nebraska’s 1st District in their ”Races to Watch”  list.

The 1st District poll was conducted by Strategies 360 using a mixed-mode survey of 400 likely November 2020 voters in Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District.

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