Press release: Democrats maintain Omaha city council majority 

Democrats maintained their 4-3 majority on the seven-member city council in Omaha in the city election.

“Our state and county party, along with our strong Democratic candidates, are fighting for the issues fellow Nebraskans care about–good-paying jobs, clean energy, affordable health care, racial equity, rebuilding our economy and responding to the COVID pandemic with science. We intend to build upon the Jomaha Blue Dot and the city council results as we head into the 2022 election cycle,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb on the strong showing for Democrats on the city council.

In District 1, Pete Festersen was re-elected to his seat.

“I’m pleased with the broad-based support. Voters wanted proven leadership to help lead us through these challenging times and they responded to our many accomplishments.  I’m optimistic about our future and look forward to engaging a new city council. Back to work tomorrow because we have a lot more to do,”  Festersen said.

In District 2, Democrat Juanita Johnson won.

““When the people do the work, expect a victory,” Johnson said.

In District 3, Danny Begley had a lead in his bid for the seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Chris Jerram, who did not seek re-election.

“It is an honor to earn the votes of fellow Omahans and to represent hard-working families,” Begley said. “I will work to bridge divides and ensure we get things done for those who need our government to work for the people.”

In District 4, Vinny Palermo was re-elected to his seat.

“It is an honor to continue to represent District 4,” Palermo said. “I will remain dedicated to my constituents and community by listening and being our voice in leadership. Thank you to my wife Aubrey, my family, friends and supporters. We did this together and I am so grateful! “

Said C.J. King, chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party:

“Thanks to all the volunteers who gave of their time to try to get their candidates elected. Thanks to all who donated resources to the person they believe will do the best job in guiding this city for the next four years. Thank you to the voters who turned out and voted.

“It certainly seems like we are in a never-ending cycle of elections. Fortunately, we have an electorate that keeps raising the bar on voter turnout. As Robert Kennedy said, ‘Democracy is messy, and it’s hard. It’s never easy’. Finally, thanks to all the candidates. It takes a lot to run in the current divisive political environment,” King said. “The Douglas County Democratic Party salutes all of our great candidates that selflessly decided to run. Regardless of the outcome of the election, you have won the gratitude and respect of your fellow residents.”

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