Press Release: NDP responds to Trump’s Omaha rally

Hours before Donald Trump hosts a dangerous event in Omaha that violates public health guidelines set out by his own CDC, Democrats in Nebraska highlighted Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 crisis and his attacks on the Affordable Care Act, which put health care coverage at risk for roughly 770,000 Nebraskans with pre-existing conditions. 

“As Democrats, we believe in science and we believe in following the guidance of public health experts,” said Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb. “Democrats are getting our message out today — and we’re doing it in a way that complies with the best practices set out by the CDC.” 

Democratic activity today included:

  • Vice President Joe Biden put out a public statement responding to Trump’s visit, noting: “My commitment to you is this: as your president, I won’t give up on Nebraska. I’ll finally get this virus under control and protect your health care. I’ll be a president who fights for all Nebraskans, not just the ones who vote for me. Over the next seven days, you have the power to end the chaos and division — but only if you vote. [READ in the Omaha World Herald]
  • A new ad broadcast in Omaha across television and digital platforms featuring Jim Harrold, a Nebraska native and retired Air Force colonel, who has been an Independent for most of his life, until President Trump.  Harrold shared his view on the President’s lack of leadership, strategic vision, and Trump’s bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our economy. [WATCH on YouTube]
  • A new mobile billboard to drive around Trump’s dangerous superspreader even this evening with a clear message that the administration has failed the people of Nebraska. [LOOK on Twitter]
  • Kleeb and local doctor Glenn Hurst held a safe socially distanced press conference to make sure voters understand what’s at stake in this election for health. From President Trump’s attacks on health care for Nebraskans with pre-existing conditions to the bungled national response to the COVID-19 crisis, this Administration has failed the American people. [READ on Twitter]

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