Press release: NDP’s Kleeb decries vote against convicting Trump at impeachment trial

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb condemned Republican senators — including Sen. Deb Fischer — for voting to acquit former President Donald Trump on Saturday at his impeachment trial on a charge that he incited the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that saw five people die. The vote was 57-43 with only seven GOP lawmakers casting guilty votes. It takes at least 67 senators to convict.

“Deb Fischer did what she always does — toed the GOP line and did as she was told,” Kleeb said. “She is a coward, as are the others who voted against conviction.

Sen. Sasse deserves everyone’s appreciation for listening to the evidence and voting to convict Trump. We look forward to Sen. Sasse continuing to back up his words with votes and action,” Kleeb said. 

“Sen. Fischer wants to run for governor in 2022, and there is no question that Nebraskans will remember that she continues to stand with Trump even as he incited a deadly mob that killed a police officer.”


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