Rep. Don Bacon backs Republican budget that would gut Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare; hurt Nebraska farmers

The Republican Study Committee just released their latest plan to gut Social Security and Medicare benefits and threaten Medicaid coverage for Nebraskans – and it has the full backing of vulnerable GOP Congressman Don Bacon.
The Committee’s new budget proposes slashing funding for critical social service programs that Nebraskans rely on every day. The devastating cuts would put health coverage at risk, potentially drive up the cost of prescription drugs for Medicaid enrollees, and slash benefits for vulnerable seniors.
And that’s not all. The Republican budget would also end the renewable fuel standard, slash crop insurance, and eliminate dairy subsidies – hurting Nebraska farmers during what has already been a difficult year for the agriculture industry.
So while Bacon celebrates National Dairy Month, he’s also supporting the very policies that would devastate dairy farmers.
“If Congressman Bacon had his way, Nebraskans’ health coverage would be at risk, seniors would see their benefits slashed, and hardworking farmers would be left in the dust,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Johanna Warshaw. “Once again, Bacon has shown that he’s more in line with Washington politicians than the Nebraska seniors, farmers, and families that he represents.”

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