TAX DAY REMINDER to NEBRASKANS: The GOP wants to raise your taxes

This Tax Day, Nebraskans are reminded that the GOP agenda seeks to raise taxes on millions of Americans and sunset away essential programs like Social Security and Medicare.
Nebraska voters deserve to know: Will Rep. Don Bacon break with Republican party bosses and stand up to their plan to gut seniors’ retirement and raise taxes on Nebraska’s middle-class families?
A non-partisan analysis of the GOP plan to raise taxes on roughly 100 million Americans found:
Middle-income households would pay an average of $450 more in taxes.
Americans would pay over $100 billion more in federal income taxes in 2022 alone.
More than 80 percent of the tax increase would be paid by households making about $54,000 or less, and 97 percent would be paid by those making less than about $100,000.
Said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:

“While Democrats fight to lower prices on everything from gas to prescription drugs, Republicans want to raise costs by hiking taxes on millions of middle-income households and gutting seniors’ retirement. Don Bacon owes Nebraskans answers: does he have the spine to stand up to the GOP’s tax hike plan?”


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